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Spring (From early to late February through April): Mild temperatures; little rain; often windy; the main flowering season for annuals, shrubs, and trees; winter annuals may bloom in February in warm, wet years. The image at left shows poppies at Picacho Peak State Park. Foresummer drought (May & June): High temperatures; very low humidity; no rain in most years; May is very warm and often windy; June is hot and usually calm. There is little biological activity except for the flowering and fruiting of saguaro, Foothill Palo Verdes (as seen at left), and desert ironwood trees. Nearly every living thing is in basic survival mode until the rains arrive – The Desert Museum

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Special section set aside for Arizona winemakers

posted on May 12th, 2018 under Journal

I thought that since Arizona wine plays such a huge role in my tastes, I would create a section just for that. Wine! This will cover all of Arizona winemakers. From the southern part of Arizona to the northern part of Arizona. Inside you’ll find the winemaker name, a menu of their wine, a description of the maker, photos of the winery and its surroundings. My vision is to give you an idea of what every maker has to offer. I will also let you know my favorite wine from that maker and give you a description including the price of that particular wine. I’m still not certain whether or not to include the winemaker category to the main menu next to photography and journal. It is quite separate from my photography, but it does relate. A lot of times, if we’re in an area for vacation it will include places that we’ve been wine tasting. The areas are so beautiful and deserve photographic attention. As of right now, … Read More


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As you might expect, the photography category showcases my best photographs. The journal category is more of a narrative. It'll contain news that pertains to the website or news that might contain events or shows that I might have my work on display. It might also be an area where I can talk about things in more detail. Pay attention to what the journal posts are posted under.